I'm taking commissions, here is the information on what I can do. I will update more as I learn. I look forward to working with you. You can view my current mods at [My Mod Archive] I take PayPal as payment and this will be requested after I have completed your Commission but before I give them to you. I will send you Work in Progress as I complete your commissions. Please contact me on Discord: xoLadyCharlotte™#2311 or fill out the form below and I will message you on discord to discuss the commission. I may not be able to do all commissions that come to me so it is my right to refuse any that I feel so cannot do nor want to do. Please see my Prices. (My prices are cheap, not because I am incapable but because I know not everyone has a lot of money)  - It may take me some time to do so please be patient with me. View my Commission Queue [Trello]

Current games I can rip from: Some games require more effort than others so I may refuse or it may take longer

Aion, Archeage,  Astellia, Aura Kingdom, Black Desert Online,  Bless Online, Blade and Soul, Cabal Online, Code Vien, Darkness Rises (Mobile), Dragon Nest, Eden Eternal, Gal*Gun*2, Grand Fantasia Fashion Cloudy (Mobile), Forsaken World, Heroes of Incredible Tales (Mobile), Honkai Impact 3rd (Mobile), Lineage 2, Over hit (Mobile), Perfect World, Revelation Online, Saints Row 4, Shaiy, Shining Nikki (Mobile), Sims 4, Skyrim, TERA , Tree of Saviour, Twilight Spirit, Twin Saga, Vindictus

What I can do

♡ Clothing

♡ Accessories

♡Custom Necklaces

♡ Eye retextures

♡ Tattoos 

♡Hairstyles (Depending on the complexity, am still learning)

♡ Weapons
♡ Poses (Depending on difficulty)

What I can't/wont do

♡ Lalafell NSFW (Hard no don't even try to ask)


♡Miqo'te hair

Please note all commissions will be made public after a certain time depending when I feel like posting. Anything using assets created by others like Titan Firm will be made public after 2 weeks.

I Can do mashups for any mod, though this is and extra $10



$ 10+

A cute Necklace Made by Kurumu @ Kurumu Designs.
Please see below with a list of Fonts. You can request them in either Silver or Gold. You can also Request a chain or Choker. The first Gem is free
Additional  charges may apply. 

Extra Gems $1 each

Design (like a crown or heart) +$5 (Can be a different Colour to the Gold/Silver)
Additional Chain or Choker $5+


$ 8

A head piece or accesory

$ 30+

Hairstyle port +$5 per race



$ 15

Requires Model of what you would like to be ported


$ 15

Request shoes to be ported, can be from anywhere but require permission if need be. additional $5 for each race

Request a Full clothing port. This will include Shoes if requesting. Depending on the difficulting additional charges may apply.


$ 50+


Submit your Commission

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